Flatbush Zombies - Mary, Nothing Above Thee

baby spark the weed, bring your heart to me for free, but your heart i don’t want, your soul is what i need indeed. increase the speed, increase the need, D’s the weed, hit the lighter, breathe and let it take your soul at ease. she love my schizophrenia, embraces every side of me, and even when i’m here with ya, yeah she lay beside of me. mary, mary, mary, oh mary i like my bitches tattooed and tight but i like you hairy, my infatuation turned to obsession, it’s kind of scary, i dare you to double dog dare me to let go of mary. shit, i will marry mary and gladly pop that honeymoon cherry. 

they perform this on tour im just gonna die in the crowd.

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loved one


listen, lemme tell y’all something important.

if you start getting a crush on someone, do NOT jinx yourself by talking them up to other people all the time. because people will be jealous of the POTENTIAL of you getting somebody in your life and they will wish bad upon you. don’t do it. wait until something develops, and even then, just keep it amongst the people you trust more than yourself. 

I’m serious. 

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Jhene Aiko - Lyin King

. I could sing this word for word to somebody so close to me.

Over and over and over

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Drake - How About Now

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